2009 1er Cru Red Burgundy

Thursday, November 15, 2012

All across France, 2009 was a superb vintage. We’ve spent the last week in the south, tasting everything from bottles of 2005 to 2012s still in fermentation. But in nearly every case, the 2009s are consistent: they’re very easy to like.

In Burgundy, where mildew, hail, and frost threaten nearly every year, a near-perfect vintage is not easily forgotten. 2009 produced healthy grapes and plenty of them, resulting in wines with full, round tannins, ripe fruit, and a smooth silky finish. We’re (sadly) reaching the bottom of the barrel with a few of our stocks, but they’re drinking so well now we can’t resist sharing.

Today’s 2009 offering is for the red Santenay 1er cru “Passetemps” from Vincent Morey. Morey’s style is clean and pure – plenty of young, cherry fruit and a long, delicate finish. This elegant 100% Pinot Noir will reinforce your sense of Burgundy’s inimitable charm.

Red Burgundies from 2009 are predicted to last for decades, but only if wine drinkers could keep their hands off them. Perhaps you’ll have better luck than we have.


Morey Santenay 1er “Passetemps” 09
Ansonia Retail Price: $36
Offer Price: $29.95