94 Points from Pic-St-Loup

Thursday, January 10, 2013

We’re endlessly impressed with the Mas Foulaquier. This beautiful domaine in Pic-St-Loup (about 30 miles from the Mediterranean coast) turns out unique, complex, and fascinating wines year after year. We spent a few days tasting with others in their neighborhood last fall, but found little matching Foulaquier’s quality or distinctiveness.

We’re not the only ones to notice. Robert Parker’s wine writer David Schildknecht shares our enthusiasm, calling them “one of the six or eight most exciting sources in the Languedoc.”

Today we’re writing about their Syrah-Grenache blend “Les Calades” from the 2007 vintage. Winemakers Pierre Jéquier and Blandine Chauchat age this wine for two or three years before bottling, raising half in concrete tanks, and half in a collection of oak.

This wine is memorable. There’s a dark chocolate and meaty core, with plum, raspberry and black cherry fruits around it. The mouth is full, long, and chewy – it’s almost a meal in itself.

(Schildknecht waxed poetic: “A gorgeous aroma of ripe black raspberry, cherry…accented with roasted red meats, sandalwood and cumin…an explosion of fruit on the expansive, polished palate.” “[T]here is a clarity and sheer refreshment…and a combination of allure and complexity here that should enthrall you for at least another 6-8 years.” He awarded the wine 94 points.)

Jéquier suggests serving this with a rib of beef or Mediterranean cuisine. We’d add lamb or a traditional daube to that list. Those with capacity shouldn’t shy away from cellaring either. At lunch in Pic-St-Loup a while ago Pierre brought out an 8-year-old Calades that was just beautiful.


RParker Suggested Retail: $32
Ansonia Retail: $29
Offer Price: $26.95