Everyday Syrah: $14.5

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Grapes usually express themselves most impressively at the northern limit of their range. Examples include Pinot Noir and Chardonnay (Burgundy), and Syrah. The world’s best Syrah comes from the Northern Rhône, home to Hermitage, Côte Rotie and St. Joseph.

Our favorite everyday Syrah also comes from the Northern Rhône. The talented young winemaker Stephane Montez makes delicious, age-worthy (and pricey) reds in Côte Rotie and St. Joseph, but also makes less serious wine. In our house, his 2009 Syrah seems to fit the bill for nearly any occasion.

Many inexpensive Syrahs come from hot climates, which often means thick, heavy wines with 14% alcohol or more. Montez’s Syrah comes in at 12% alcohol. This leaves the palate refreshed and able to enjoy what else the wine has to offer.

We find black pepper and cloves alongside savory blackberry jam fruit. This wine is light enough to serve with a suitable fish, or any meats. Dried meats (prosciutto, soppresata, etc) and meat pâté are particularly nice pairings.


Ansonia Retail: $17
Offer Price: $14.50