Minor League Condrieu

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Northern Rhône is known mostly for its delicious reds, like Côte Rotie, Hermitage, and St. Joseph. Condrieu, the region’s famous white wine, is often both exceptionally delicious and prohibitively expensive.

Which is why we were thrilled to find this St. Joseph blanc from the Domaine du Chêne. With its different grapes, you probably wouldn’t mistake this for a glass of Condrieu – we’ll call it Condrieu’s minor-league affiliate – but at a third of the price tag, there’s room for plenty more in your budget.

This is a perfect winter white – round and long but refreshing. It’s a blend two grapes: Marsanne, which contributes citrus and freshness, and Roussanne, which gives depth and faint tropical-fruit notes. It has perhaps the best price/quality relationship of any Rhône white we’ve tasted in years.


Ansonia Retail: $27
offer price: $22.5