Pure, Juicy Cabernet Franc

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

We drink most of our wine with meals. Food and wine can create delicious combinations, and there’s no shortage of pages penned in search of the perfect pairing. Food-wine matches don’t have to be precise, though, and often we choose to import a wine because its versatility.

We’ve always found the Loire Valley to be a good source for versatile wines, where the winemakers aim for “lighter, more drinkable, less tiring wines,” as wine writer Eric Pfanner recently noted. Today we’re highlighting a pure, clean Cabernet Franc we discovered in the Loire Valley countryside.

The tiny Domaine Joulin sells most of its wines to local families and restaurants in the Saumur-Champigny region. We loved their old vine cuvée, called Mon Clos, which showed beautiful balance of black pepper, burnt wood, and dark berry fruits. This is unquestionably a wine to serve with food, and we can see a bottle of Mon Clos adding to an abundance of dishes on your dinner table.


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