Thick White Burgundy

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Much of the wine we import goes through two fermentations. The first (alcoholic) changes the sugar into alcohol. The second, called the malolactic, changes malic acid (found in apples and tart fruits) into a softer lactic acid (found in milk). This process rounds out a wine, giving it depth and a “thick” mouthfeel.

The first word in our notes from tasting the Ravaut Bourgogne blanc 2010, was “thick.” “Thickness” in wine can be an attractive quality, as long as it’s in balance. West coast, heavily-oaked chardonnay is often plenty round, but also can be dull and flat.

Here Gaston and Pierre Ravaut have achieved roundness in balance. This is a wine that has the fullness of a buttery warm weather chardonnay, but all of the freshness of classic white Burgundy.

We’ve been thrilled with this wine, and sommeliers have been too. There are faint fennel and coconut notes next to the traditional lemon and vanilla. This is a great winter white – pair it with a risotto, and watch the two compete to coat your mouth.


Ansonia Retail: $25
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