White from the Southern Border

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Most of the wines we import are made from a single varietal. In part this is due to our emphasis on Burgundy, where pure Pinot Noir and Chardonnay are the rule. We find many red blends in the Rhône and Languedoc, but blends from white grapes are rarer.

We’re sometimes skeptical about white blends, which can seem to lack focus when compared to the clarity and purity of unblended whites. But we can’t deny how much we enjoy the white blend from the Mas Cristine. Located along the Mediterranean coast within sight of the Spanish border, the Mas Cristine vineyards are perched high in the mountains.

Their wine from Collioure is almost certain to be unlike anything you’ve drunk in the last month. The blend is five white grapes – Grenache Gris, Carignan Gris, Rousanne, Marsanne, and Macabeu – with notes of pineapple and other exotic fruits. There’s a touch of oak that rounds out the wine, giving body and depth, and making it a delicious match for a winter evening.

While it’s not impossible to think of a food pairing – Thai and Indian dishes come to mind – we think it’s best served to on its own, or at the beginning of a dinner party.


Ansonia Retail: $22
offer price: $15.95