Entry Level White Burgundy

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The word vigneron doesn’t actually translate to winemaker; it’s closer to “vineyard farmer.” We’ve spent the past few days in Burgundy hearing about various vineyard maladies and weather-related troubles during the summer of 2012, and we’re reminded that our producers are farmers as much winemakers.

In 2011, conditions in the Côte de Beaune brought an early harvest, making for plenty of acidity in the whites we’ve tasted this week. When it is in balance, acidity is nothing to fear; to the contrary, it is what brings freshness to a wine. At the Domaine Gérard Thomas, the wines of 2011 show the benefits of balanced acidity particularly well.

On Monday we re-tasted Thomas’s 2011 Bourgogne blanc, some of which we have in stock already. Since the 2007 vintage, this has been our go-to entry-level white Burgundy. It has appeared as a by-the-glass chardonnay at some of Philadelphia’s and Washington’s finest restaurants, and serves the same function for much of our extended family.

This week’s tasting confirmed our earlier conclusion: this is delicious white Burgundy. It’s everything chardonnay is supposed to be – a bright, crisp, soft mid-weight apple-lemon body, a touch of rounding oak, and a clean finish. If you’re new to white Burgundy, this may be the gateway drug for a long and expensive habit. (Sorry.)

Pair this with simple pasta with parmesan, Mark Bittman’s scallops with basil, or a Melissa Clark’s whole roasted fish.


Ansonia Retail: $19.5
offer price: $16.95