Red Burgundy for Food

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

At the Domaine Roger Belland, the red-wine tasting always begins with Maranges. When we visited yesterday, it was Roger’s daughter Julie (pictured), representing the 6th generation of winemakers at the domaine, who led the tasting.


Maranges is the southern most town in the Côte d’Or, Burgundy’s most famous section. It’s often left off maps, and wasn’t granted its own AOC until 1998. A century ago it was known as “le médecin,” wine used to “doctor” wine from better-known appellations lacking structure and body. But Maranges on its own can be both delicious and a great value.

Yesterday we tasted Belland’s Maranges 1er cru 2011, which we think will be lovely in 6-12 months. In the mean time, we’ve got some 2010 around, and it’s been showing beautifully recently.

Belland’s Maranges 1er cru “La Fussière” 2010 is bright and lively, with red cherry and raspberry fruits and great freshness. It shows Maranges’s signature structured body – the mid-weight tannins give the wine backbone, and make it a perfect pinot noir to pair with food. Try this with a wintery roast fowl – duck, Cornish hen, or young chicken.


Ansonia Retail: $28
offer price: $23.95