Decadent Chassagne-Montrachet from a Legendary Domaine

The Domaine Jean-Noël Gagnard is part of the old guard of Chassagne Montrachet. For decades they’ve been among the most recognizable names in white Burgundy, synonymous with class and elegance. Master of Wine Jasper Morris writes that Gagnard’s wines “truly reflect their terroirs and combine intensity and richness with elegance and balance.”

Caroline Lestimé, Jean-Noël’s daughter, has run the winemaking since 1989. She expertly maintains a delicate balance between tradition and innovation: she still makes rich, old school white Burgundies, but constantly tweaks her methods to fine tune the results. She recently adopted biodynamics to increase the purity of her wines, and the results are impressive.

Today we’re pleased to release the Gagnard 2017 village-level Chassagne: an opulent, magnificent winter white wine.

The Gagnard 2017s are simply gorgeous, combining lush mouthfeels with an understated stoniness. The nose of the 2017 Chassagne-Montrachet “Chaumes” is bright and exotic, with lemon peel, white flowers, coconut, and mango. The mouth is smooth and rich — it’s decadent wine that requires little patience but should age nicely as well.

When a special moment often calls for an unusually fine bottle of white Burgundy, consider this one — it’s likely to be the tastiest one you’ve had in awhile. Note that most of our limited allocation for this wine sold through Futures, so we only have a few cases remaining.


Gagnard Chassagne-Montrachet “Chaumes” 2017
bottle price: $82

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