Small Batch Wines

We import and distribute artisan wines from 40 small scale winemakers around France. Our wines range in style, price, and origin, but all reflect the place from which they come. Our customers range from serious collectors to casual enthusiasts.


We think people enjoy wine more when they know something about the places and people that made it. We know all of our winemakers personally, and we hope through our website and emails, you get to know them too.

Family Business
We’re father-and-son wine merchants, and many of our winemakers are multi-generational domaines too. We taste every wine before we recommend it, and import wines from winemakers we consider friends.

Free Shipping
We think our customers should pay for wine, not cardboard. For states in the eastern US, shipping is free for 12+ bottles. Either buy 12 at once, or use our “Build a Case” program and order a few bottles at a time — we’ll ship after you reach the free shipping threshold. (For western states, the threshold is 24.)

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