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Magnificent New 2017 Pouilly-Fuissé

Pouilly-Fuissé was once the darling of American wine drinkers — fun to pronounce, rich and voluptuous in texture. Popularity bred overproduction, and quality suffered in the 80s. But in the last few decades local winemakers have begun to reclaim the wine, and today Jasper Morris calls it “the most dynamic white wine appellation in Burgundy.”

Rich, Woodsy New 2018 Premier Cru Red Burgundy from a “Future Star”

Gautier Desvignes is a rising star among Burgundian winemakers. Vinous’s Neal Martin recently found Gautier’s wines “really quite superb.” And the Wine Advocate’s William Kelley calls the domaine “very much a Côte Chalonnaise address to watch,” and advises that “importers looking for a potential future star should beat a path to his door.”