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“True Craftsmanship:” Superb New Chianti Classico Riserva

Perched on a charming Tuscan hillside, the Fattoria Poggerino is certainly one of the most attractive domaines in our portfolio. (If you’re ever in the area, we highly recommend a visit.) As it turns out, the wine is just as beautiful as the source. Poggerino’s careful organic viticulture results in wines of unusual purity, as they practice what Jancis Robinson calls “true craftsmanship.”

Grand Cru Mazis-Chambertin’s Neighbor: “Rich and Velvety” Premier Cru

Gevrey-Chambertin is known for its bold, powerful red Burgundies. Located at the northern end of the Côte d’Or, Gevrey’s wines are at the masculine end of the Burgundy spectrum. Pinot Noir never makes wines as big and extracted as those from the south of France — but for Burgundy, Gevrey is about as bold as it gets.

Three New White Burgundy Samplers

Burgundies have been the world’s most sought after white wines for centuries. The region produces an enormous range of wines, from everyday Petit Chablis to the extraordinary whites of Montrachet and its neighbors. In the glass White Burgundies among the most popular wines we know, a perfect balance between fruit, minerals, freshness and weight. We’ve collected three new samplers at three price points, designed to match any occasion.

Dry, Refreshing Alsatian White: the Perfect Aperitif. $18

Most wines taste better with food, and some require it. But other wines are complete glasses on their own. One of our favorites in the “aperitif” category is the Auxerrois (OH-sehr-WAH) from our friends at the Domaine Mersiol in Alsace. Whether you’re welcoming guests to a dinner party, or looking for something refreshing on a summer afternoon, this is the perfect standalone glass of white.