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Late Summer Sampler: $195

We’re not sure what the temperature is where you live, but chez nous it’s hot and humid. Across the pond the Burgundians are sweating it out too, with temperatures in Beaune reaching 100 degrees this week. Wherever you are, we hope you have air conditioning and a fridge full of something chilled.

Refreshing New Red Sancerre: Strawberries and Stones

Sancerre has always been the star of the Loire Valley. Though recent years have seen interest explode in the region’s other appellations, Sancerre remains the best known and among the best-liked. It’s popular, easy to drink, easy to pronounce, and pairs well with lots of dishes. Today’s wine is classic Sancerre — mineral, bright, refreshing […]

Dry, Exuberant New Chenin Blanc from a Vouvray Neighbor. $19

Nicolas Paget is one of the most exciting (and excited) new producers we’ve found in years. All of our winemakers care deeply about their craft, but Paget is unusually committed. After 90 minutes of tasting with him, we were running more than an hour late for our next tasting; but when he begged us to join him for a quick visit to his vines, it was impossible to turn him down.