Gautier Desvignes



In a sense the Domaine Desvignes was our first Burgundy discovery.  Early in the sabbatical year that inspired Ansonia Wines we drove north from our house in the Cluny countryside with kids and mother in tow.  We had the makings of a picnic, except for something red and hearty to wash it down with, and as we drove through the Cote Chalonnaise we pulled out Anthony Hanson’s exhaustive book on Burgundy.  The town of Givry was just ahead and we opened to its listings.  Desvignes was right around the corner so we stopped.   The wine was exactly what we were looking for — showing its Pinot fruit, and with just enough refreshing punch to complement the cheese, charcuterie and crusty baguettes we had brought for the purpose.  When it came time for our first importation, we included the wine.

We went back on and off over the years, not always finding exactly what we were looking for.  But we’re likely back for good now since Gauthier Desvignes, the grandson of the man from whom we bought that first bottle, has taken over.  Gauthier is meticulous in all aspects of the operation, and has entirely revamped the winemaking facilities.  The results show his attention to detail:  the wines are well crafted and always completely clean.  They show their terroir clearly.

Available Desvignes Wines

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