Desvignes Givry 1er cru “Le Vernoy” 2016


It’s from a plot he planted six years ago with “pinot fin,” a rare, ancient clone of Pinot Noir. The clone is prone to millerandage (small berries), and produces smaller quantities but riper notes on the palate.

The 2016 Givry 1er cru “Le Vernoy” is the debut vintage for the cuvée, and we think it’s likely to become a favorite. The nose is very pretty, with bright fruits and notes of strawberry, violets, and earth. The mouth is intricate and delightful, “light on its toes” as Neal Martin puts it, with very fine tannins and a pleasant clean finish. If your idea of Givry is rustic and hearty, this will cause you to expand your definition.

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