Gross Gewurztraminer “Neuweg” 2016 (Orange)


This is one of Gross’s “vins de masceration,” also called “orange” wine.  (In fact they are not all orange; the color ranges from straw to orange and in between.) These are wines made from white wine grapes but vinified like reds. Red wines ferment with their skins (the source of their color), and white wines are generally pressed off the skins and ferment only with juice. To create orange wines, winemakers ferment the white grapes together with the skins and lees — often for 8 or more months in large barrels. The technique extracts tannins and other elements from the skins, and results in a complex and fascinating palate.

The Gewurztraminer VDM Neuweg offers a wonderfully spicy nose along with what resembles the citrusy hops of a summertime session beer.  The spicy nose creates an expectation of sweetness on the palate, but in the mouth the wine is completely dry. The texture is lovely, substantial but showing plenty of energy.

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