Paget Chenin “Harmonie” 2018


Harmonie 2018 is a delicious off-dry cousin of Melodie, more a pear tart than liquid pears. The wine has plenty of energy, but also 12 grams of residual sugar. This doesn’t make it seem affirmatively sweet (Champagne Brut, for example, has anywhere from 5 to 12 grams of sugar), but does soften it on the palate.

The French have a term called sec tendre (tender dry), and that fits this wine well. But the softness is not all — this wine spends a year in small oak barrels, adding lots of complexity in vanilla and spice. Serve it with a Thai Shrimp stir fry, as we did the other night, or something spicy like Szechuan pork, and you’re certain to be looking for more dishes to pair with it.

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