Ravaut Ladoix blanc “Hautes Mourottes” 2016


This might be the single most exciting Burgundy of either color we’ve seen in the last few years. From tiny and oft-forgotten town of Ladoix, it’s a wine of extraordinary complexity and depth. We found Nanson’s “Baby Corton-Charlemagne” comment spot on — the Ladoix offers an admirable impression of the famous Grand Cru white, and one that can be had at a fraction of the price.

Fans of rich White Burgundy will love this wine, which shows concentration and depth at an unmistakably elevated and refined level. Notes of pear, almond, herbs and baked lemon melt effortlessly with soft toasted wood and precise minerality. The mouthfeel is long and dense, with a luxurious depth and delicate freshness.

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