Ansonia now offers three types of Zoom Wine Tastings:

Saturday Afternoons  ·  On-Demand  ·  Custom Live

1.  Saturday Afternoon Live Tastings
Join us for a monthly live Zoom tasting on Saturday afternoon. Local customers (Boston area) can purchase a pickup kit of five 5oz bottles, for pickup in Newton a few hours before the tasting. Remote customers can also join by purchasing a shipping kit (5 full bottles) ahead of time.

Spring/Summer 2021 tasting schedule here.


2. On-Demand Tastings
Our on-demand tastings feature pre-recorded slide presentations, which you can pause, replay, and follow at your own pace. Each $99 tasting box includes 3 bottles, pairing suggestions, winemaker biographies, and more. Send one to each of your teammates / family and conduct the tasting whenever you like.

Browse the list of on-demand tastings here.


3. Custom Live Tastings
You and Tom choose a time and theme for your event. We ship a 4-bottle tasting box to each location and then Tom conducts a 30-40min tasting presentation, as participants are encouraged to ask questions and share tasting notes. Live tastings start at $165 per box, minimum 6 boxes (shipping included).

Explore our Custom Live tastings