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Overperforming New 2015 Red Burgundy: 92-point Almost Grand Cru

In Burgundy as in real estate, location is everything. Today’s wine comes from a vineyard classified Premier Cru but surrounded by five Grand Crus. It sits along…

Small-Batch Grower Champagne, back in stock!

Pascal Bardoux is among the newer additions to our portfolio, but he is already a favorite among our readers. His small-batch Champagnes are distinctive, delicious, complex, and…

Bargain Bubbles: Sparkling Burgundy under $25

Credit for the discovery of sparkling wine is a matter of dispute. The monks of Limoux in the South of France claim 1531 as the date of…

“Sleek and Lush:” New 2015 Red Burgundy from Michel Gros

We usually go to the Domaine Pierre Amiot for our Morey-St-Denis. Amiot has fantastic properties around the town, and when the vintage and maturity line up they…

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This is unusual in the online wine buying world.”

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