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Dark, Refreshing New Côtes du Rhône: Lavender, Earth, and Plums. $19

Cotes-du-Rhône is one of the most recognizable brands in wine. From wine bars around the world to your local corner wine shop, there’s no shortage of Côtes…

New 2015 Red Bordeaux: Rich, Smooth, “Beguiling.” $25

The 2015 growing season brought warm weather to nearly every region in France. The wines from Burgundy and the Northern Rhône are some of the finest in…

Rich, Muscular New $25 Gamay: “Delicious and Refreshing.”

Beaujolais has always had a turbulent relationship with the rest of Burgundy. To many in the Côte d’Or, the Beaujolais represents overmarketed and undercrafted wine. But in…

White Burgundy in Perfect Balance: Ravaut’s $25 Bourgogne Returns.

Burgundy is where Chardonnay finds its finest expression. In cold climates, the grape can be acidic and thin; in hot climates, it runs the risk of high…

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This is unusual in the online wine buying world.”

Joe B.  |  Customer since 2012


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Peter W.  |  Customer since 2013

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