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We source small-batch French wines that reflect their origin, and sell them to collectors and enthusiasts through our website and email list.

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Elegant Premier Cru White Burgundy: Almond, Honey, and Toast

Weather plays a crucial role in the character of a wine. Recent years in Burgundy have provided no shortage of challenges -- from hail to frost to…

Rich, Velvety New Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

Prices in Bordeaux have never been higher. Due to increasing global demand, particularly from Asia, it is harder and harder to find values in the region. In…

“Magnificent” 15-year-Old Champagne in Magnums.

We often preach the value of well-aged wines. Under the right conditions, time has a magical effect on a bottle of wine. Usually it’s red wines (or…

The Michel Gros 2015 Red Burgundies have arrived, at last.

The first inquiries about the 2015 Michel Gros lineup started coming in more than a year ago. Our best-known producer; the vintage of a generation; “just want…

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This is unusual in the online wine buying world.”

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