Saturday Afternoon Live Tastings
Spring 2021 Schedule:

May 22: “Organic/Biodynamic Reds”
Pickup Kit: $49
Shipping Kit: $195

June 26: “2018 Red Burgundies”
Pickup Kit: $59
Shipping Kit: $295


January 23: “Affordable Red Burgundies”
Pickup Kit: $49

Shipping Kit: $195

February 27: “Winemaker Spotlight: Pierre Amiot”
Pickup Kit: $75

Shipping Kit: $395

March 27: “Côte d’Or White Burgundies”
Pickup Kit: $65

Shipping Kit: $295

April 24: “Chablis”
Pickup Kit: $49

Shipping Kit: $250




(1) We’ll choose five wines, and open them on a Saturday at the Depot around noon, and split each bottle into five 5oz bottles

(2) Participants stop by the Depot between 12pm and 2pm to pick up their sample kits — one 5oz bottle of each wine

(3) A few hours later (at 4pm) we’ll all log onto Zoom, and taste through the wines together


(1b) If you’re not in the Boston area and can’t pick up, we’ll ship you full bottles ahead of time, and you can join by zoom at 4pm.


Zoom Format
Tastings are in  Webinar format — participants will participate live by writing in questions, but not be on video themselves. (So wear whatever you like!)

Signup Deadline
For pickup kits usually the Wednesday before the tasting. For shipping, the Sunday before the tasting



*Note: For regulatory reasons the cost of the tasting is fee for the experience; the samples of wine are free.


Scenes from recent Zoom Tastings (Participant Submitted):